Riverdale season 2: Cole Sprouse thinks things will be “darker and stranger”


Although the second season of Riverdale hasn’t started shooting, Cole Sprouse, the actor behind Jughead Jones, has some ideas about what’s going to happen.

Unfortunately, not even the cast of Riverdale knows exactly where season 2 is going to go just yet. After all, the draft of the first episode of season 2 just appeared on Twitter a little over a week ago. (Cosmopolitan reports that shooting kicks off in June.) However, that doesn’t mean they can’t speculate, and when TVLine had a chance to ask the actor who serves as the show’s narrator, that was the key question.

Naturally, Cole Sprouse had some ideas about what he’d like to see.

Check out the video below, with a warning for an instance of NSFW language:

Riverdale getting “darker and stranger” probably means that things are going to get even more ridiculous in the town with pep, to borrow the town’s old-fashioned slogan. One question that’s been raised by Jughead’s move to the south side, though, is how it will affect his narration. Because the conceit is that he’s writing a novel, will it by necessity become slightly more detached? This isn’t to say that he will stay on the south side forever, but it could also fundamentally change how he views the story he’s trying to tell, which might alter the narration.

Speaking of the south side and some particular Serpents, Sprouse did say he thinks Jughead will have an opportunity to get “darker.” For all his coffee-drinking, beanie-wearing, loner ways, Jughead was, in his own way, a bit of an idealist in the first season. As Sprouse himself notes, he has a very “communicative” relationship with Betty Cooper and does not bounce between ladies a la one Archie Andrews, although even Archie seems to have settled with Veronica. This, too, may affect how he views events.

He did say that fans seem to have enjoyed Betty and Jughead together, which at least raises some hopes that Riverdale won’t dash all of our dreams against a rock. It also makes us hope that Jughead gets at least a few more happy scenes.

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What do you want to see in the second season of Riverdale?