Narcissa Malfoy may not be as evil as we always thought her to be


When it comes to evil in the Harry Potter series, Narcissa Malfoy seems like an easy choice but she may not be as bad as we made her out to be.

Narcissa Malfoy is the evil mother of Draco. Or well, that’s what we always thought. But in a recent spotlight on Pottermore, we may have judged her a little too harshly. Well, she still was pretty bad but at least she had a good reason.

As the article points ount, Narcissa was out for numero ono: her son. While most of the Death Eaters were there for themselves and what they could gain, Narcissa was always trying to protect her family and Draco.

Even in the Forbidden Forest when they thought Harry to be dead, she didn’t lie to save herself. She lied to save Draco.

"Narcissa Malfoy certainly wasn’t good; she fell in with a bad crowd, she was haughty, cold and not afraid to be cruel. But she wasn’t all bad either. Her love for Draco was very much her saving grace, and the thing that saved Harry from Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest, no less."

But again, as the article points out, she is fiercely loyal to those she loves. She blindly follows Lucius because that is her husband and she loves him. Draco is her blood and the one she loves most in this world and she will do anything to protect him.

She even put her hatred of Harry and his friends aside to make sure that her son was safe. And if we can forgive Molly for killing Bellatrix since she was coming after Ginny, we should cut a little slack to Narcissa.

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So while we may not agree with Narcissa Malfoy, we do have to commend her love. She did what she thought she had to do for her family. And we can’t fault her on that.