Did the Castlevania poster just confirm the main character?


The hints just keep piling up with regards to the main character of Netflix’s Castlevania series, and a new poster has another suggestive clue.

Less than a week since Netflix dropped the first trailer for Castlevania, it appears that another piece of information has arrived for fans to pore over.

We tip our hats to CBR for the find. However, Famitsu, one of Japan’s most well-known video gaming magazines, originally published the poster.

Users on Twitter as well as CBR both picked up on some clear similarities between a well-known piece of box art from the series:

Ah, that neon green brings back memories, doesn’t it? Remember that Castlevania dates to 1986/87, depending on your market. It was a different time. But, as we noted in our analysis of the trailer, Netflix seems to continually be hinting that we’re going to see Simon Belmont. It’s by no means confirmed. But the continual use of references to the original game can’t be ignored. Granted, the first game does stand as an icon in its own right. That does seem to further the case that the series would use that most famous character, though.

However, there’s a case to be made that Simon Belmont will appear, but may not be the focus of the series. Take a look at the below tweet from Netflix UK and Ireland:

Again, “A hero returns” is quite telling. The still of the trailer above shows an older man wearing something very close to Simon’s look (and something we noted in our trailer analysis as well). Meanwhile, the man in the poster is younger and darker-haired.

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Also, take a moment to contrast this to the original poster dropped a few months ago. They share the same dark, dramatic red-black color scheme. However, the focus in the new poster is more on our hero.