Getting your own wand: The joy of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a dream for all fans of the series but getting your own wand is something entirely different.

Going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter changed me as a fan. Getting to see Hogwarts and going to Hogsmeade was something I’ll always remember. I turned the corner into Diagon Alley and cried when I saw where Harry bought all his school things.

But the most magical part of all? Getting chosen to get my wand at Ollivanders. See I had been told that they chose children normally so when I walked in with my Hogwarts shirt on, I figured I wouldn’t get picked.

Lucky for me, I did. And I got to get my own wand and it is still an amazing thing to have. Yes, I’m aware that it isn’t actually magical and that I can’t cast a spell but having a wand that is specific to me is special to me.

It’s a weird thing to think about how much a piece of wood can mean to us but it represents something more. You get to have something that is part of a world you’ve always dreamed of being a part of. So yes, at the core it’s just a piece of wood that has no magical abilities.

But to hold the wand in your hand and walk around the park making it make all the little hidden spells go off is such a surreal experience and it’s a wonderful thing for Harry Potter fans to enjoy.

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If you have the chance to go to the Wizarding World, do it. It’s wonderful and perfect and there is nothing more magical than seeing your favorite book come to life before you.