Did Arthur Weasley ever discover the function of a rubber duck?


Arthur Weasley had a lot of questions for Harry Potter but one of them has really been weighing heavily on fans of the series.

Fans of the Harry Potter series seem very concerned about Arthur Weasley. When it comes to the father of Ron, Ginny, Fred, George, Percy, Charlie and Bill, he seemed to have a lot of muggle questions for Harry. And we just want to know if he got them answered.

One of his biggest questions? Well, Arthur wanted to know what the function of a rubber duck was. Now here is the thing when it comes to fans of the Harry Potter series: they want to know if he ever figured it out.

When it comes to questions about our favorite characters, that is one that is pretty high up on everyone’s list. Many want to know if he ever figured out what their function is! But when you stop and think about it: do any of us know what they’re meant to do?

For most, they’re just a toy in the bathtub as a kid. But is there some greater purpose to them or is that it? I’m just saying that these are questions that Arthur Weasley would also ask after Harry told him what their purpose was.

So maybe he does know and we just didn’t see it since this isn’t exactly an interesting conversation. But we may never know for sure since neither the book nor the movie showed us Arthur learning the answer to his most burning question. Poor Arthur, if you only knew.

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So we may never know if Arthur Weasley understands the purpose of a rubber duck. But I guess the better question is, does anyone know the real purpose of a rubber duck?