American Gods episode 5 trailer and synopsis: Lemon Scented You


In American Gods episode 5, Laura takes a bath, Wednesday and Shadow get caught, and Gillian Anderson shines as Ziggy Stardust in “Lemon Scented You.”

Last week, American Gods episode 4, took a look back at Laura’s life and death. Laura came back from the grave to save Shadow from Technical Boy’s goons. All that actually happened at the end of episode 1.

Fast forward to episode 3: Shadow and Wednesday robbed a bank using a blizzard and a con game. Wednesday promised Shadow they wouldn’t get caught, just like Laura told Shadow nothing could go wrong with their casino heist plan. But recall that Laura’s plan put Shadow in jail.

Lemon Scented You

Because it looks like Wednesday’s plan won’t end well either. Via Starz, here’s the official synopsis of American Gods season 1, episode 5, Lemon Scented You:

"Trying to work things out with his dead and unfaithful wife, Shadow’s emotional reunion is interrupted when he and Mr. Wednesday are kidnapped by the New Gods."

And here’s a sneak preview of episode 5:

Laura and Shadow talk about the nature of death, and Technical Boy tells someone that Wednesday is collecting monsters. That is a very rude way to talk about the old gods, my young dude.

So yeah, Wednesday, like Laura, was wrong about getting caught. The police raid a hotel room, and Wednesday and Shadow end up sitting across from each other, shackled to a table in what looks to be an interrogation room. Wednesday says if they don’t get out of there soon, they’ll be carrying their corpses. No idea as of yet who would be carrying said corpses.

We also see a shot of Crispin Glover, who’ll be playing a character named Mr. World. He’s wearing a fedora, which is never a good sign. And there’s a wee peek of Mad Sweeney, sitting in the back seat of a car.

Snow white tan

Then there’s this. Media, dressed as Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie, gives Technical Boy a stern lecture about apologies. It’s sublime. Absolutely out of this world. Gillian Anderson is a treasure. Take a look:

"Gillian Anderson stars as the New God Media in the critically acclaimed series “American Gods.” Media assumes whatever form will deliver her message most effectively and is often personified by iconic celebrities. – via Stars"

But that’s not all. Starz already posted this week’s Coming to America clip, and it’s very beautiful. Here’s the story of Nunyunnini, and how gods die, forgotten. When Wednesday talks about his fear of being forgotten, this is what he means.

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But who cares! Gillian Anderson is going to be David Bowie! Tune into Starz at 9 p.m. ET this Sunday, May 28 to watch American Gods episode 5, Lemon Scented You.