Stephen Colbert had a letter to read on The Late Show


In another monologue that included plenty of sources, Stephen Colbert not only discussed a certain someone’s use of Twitter, but also the proposed budget.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert had quite a few different things to take on last night, despite Donald Trump still being on his first foreign trip. (Trump actually met with Pope Francis today, and as the Huffington Post notes, the photos are something to see. Somehow, we get the feeling they’ll feature on the show tonight.)

But for part of his monologue, Stephen Colbert instead focused on the newly proposed budget submitted by the White House.

Here’s that portion of last night’s show:

We’ll start with the budget. Colbert mainly cites this article by the Washington Post, published May 22. However, he also picks up on the BuzzFeed News and separate Post pieces focusing on the suggested reduction in budget for health research and things like Medicaid. Finally, here’s the Politico piece analyzing how said budget would affect people.

As for the testimony of John Brennan, the New York Times has more on that for you to read. Meanwhile, as Colbert’s cited CNN report states, the Post also first broke the story of Trump talking to

It’s particularly telling that most of Colbert’s jokes here are asides or just humorous comparisons. Granted, that “fish party” joke did get a lot of laughs and claps. However, even the “sick of winning” line sounds more disappointed and frustrated than Colbert looking for a laugh. This isn’t to say that the above isn’t still funny.

As for another part of the monologue, here’s where the letter comes in, based on TheHill and ultimately the Wall Street Journal‘s reporting with regards to Trump’s Twitter usage sparking an “intervention”:

First things first. Colbert’s statement about his ratings is true. Yesterday, Deadline reported that The Late Show would in fact have the most viewers this season overall. Second, even though Colbert did make sure to note that the rat café he mentioned was “real,” here’s a report from TIME Money talking about it.

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Beyond the pictures of Trump with the Pope, however, what might we see on tonight’s show?