Harry Potter and the fandom that loves it so still to this day


Most of us remember the first time we fell in love with Harry Potter and there’s a reason for that: this series is special to us all.

Harry Potter is so ingrained in our lives that we often forget how much we love the series. In some cases, we take it for granted. The thing about this series is that we don’t actively think about it unless someone brings it up.

Yes we have our house loyalty and yes, we have our opinions, but that doesn’t mean we necessarily are conscious of our love of Harry Potter regularly. Like take a moment to stop and think about the last time you actively truly thought about Hermione Granger or this series as a whole.

It was probably a while ago, right? Maybe it was when you were preparing to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or maybe on Harry Potter weekend. But it wasn’t probably frequent. Which isn’t a bad thing, the series has wrapped and we’ve all loved it since we were kids.

But it’s just an interesting thing to stop and think about. Like at one point, this series ruled our lives. We breathed Harry Potter and we wanted nothing more to talk about. Now, we talk about it when a new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie comes out or if Harry Potter and the Cursed Child wins an award.

We talk about the series when it is convenient for us. And that’s not a bad thing but it is something that is strange to think about.

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So maybe go out and talk to your friends about how much it means to you! Or comment below and let’s get a dialogue going about how much this series means to us all!