10 reasons why Steve Trevor is the best superhero sidekick

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9. He has no superpowers

Chris Pine’s favorite thing about Steve seems to be that he has no superpowers whatsoever. No really, Steve is just a regular dude who crash lands his plane on Themyscira and meets Diana. He talks about the war and how they are in danger and Diana goes back with him to the world of man.

But the best part is that he’s just a spy. That’s it. No secret power that he later reveals that makes him her equal. No, not Steve. He’s just a normal dude who falls in love with an Amazonian warrior. And it’s incredible!

He’s not the first of his kind but most of these heroes who have love interests without superpowers are men with female counterparts. But Steve doesn’t have a problem not being the powerful one. It truly is something we haven’t seen in superhero movies.

Most of the time, the men are the strong ones or the ones with their own movies and now we finally get Diana leading her own movie with Steve just at her side. And honestly, after this, I’m not sure anyone is going to want another ‘powerful’ man with a woman who is just at his side. After all, we have enough of it in every other movie out there.