The Spy Who Loved Me: A Roger Moore as James Bond retrospective

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A promotional shot of British actor Roger Moore (as James Bond) surrounded by female palace guards in the film ‘Octopussy’, 1983. Clockwise from top, they are Carolyn Seaward, Carole Ashby, Tina Robinson, Gillian De Terville and Mary Stavin. (Photo by United Artists/Archive Photos/Getty Images)


The sixth 007 film to star Roger Moore, Octopussy, has Bond hunting jewel thieves and foiling a plot to detonate a nuclear bomb in West Berlin.

At the beginning of the film, an MI6 agent, 009, is found assassinated dressed like a clown and in posession of a fake Fabergé egg.  Bond is put on the case.  He tracks the real egg to an auction in London.

Bond swaps the real egg for the fake, fingering exiled Afghan prince, Kamal Khan, as the mastermind behind 009’s death.

Bond follows Khan to India where he uses the egg to bug Khan to get information on his plans.  He escapes Khan’s palace and meets cult-leader, Octopussy (The Female Character) in the process.

Bond and Octopussy form an alliance after learning of Khan’s plans to detonate a nuclear warhead at a circus performance in West Germany.  The explosion would trigger a wave of disarmament that would make the West ripe for invasion.

The plan is foiled, and Bond and Octopussy both return to India to get Khan.  Octopussy’s henchwomen do a good bit of damage, but Octopussy is eventually taken hostage.  There’s some amazing airplane stunts and Bond saves the day, killing Khan and rescuing Octopussy.