The new books roundup, May 23: Cassandra Clare, Teen Titans, and more


New books this week include a reissuing of a famous Teen Titans storyline, the next novel from Cassandra Clare, and an adaptation of a popular anime.

As the weather continues to whip back and forth between summer and spring, it seems like it’s the perfect time for some lighter fare, reading wise. There aren’t any tough, literary reads on our new books roundup this week. But we do have some classic comics, a little urban fantasy, and still more for you. Each of the following summaries comes from the official Goodreads page for each book.

New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract New Edition

Those fans who grew up with the original Teen Titans animated series on Cartoon Network will definitely recognize the general shape of The Judas Contract, including the existence of Terra. However, the original comic storyline is also the reason we have Nightwing in the DC Comics universe, and, let’s be real, that is something for which we are still grateful all these years later. Marv Wolfman’s work has now been republished in this fresh edition, meaning you can go back and experience how things originally unfolded. It’d make a nice contrast to the animated film that just dropped. It’s all very timely is what we’re saying. DC Comics; paperback, 192 pages; list price on Amazon: $19.99.

Lord of Shadows

Shadowhunters fans have something fresh to read this week. Cassandra Clare has continued her Dark Artifices sub-series with Lord of Shadows. It’s back to the world of Emma Carstairs, who finds herself caught between two of her fellow Shadowhunters. (Ah, a good old fashioned YA-fantasy love triangle. Sometimes the familiar can be the most comforting of all.) The fey courts are changing, and that spells trouble to be sure. At 720 pages, it technically doesn’t count as light reading, but Clare’s pages have a habit of going quite quickly. Margaret K. McElderry Books; list price on Amazon: $24.99.

Your Name.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that we here are very pro-Your Name. One of our writers absolutely loved the film when it came out. Makoto Shinkai, who directed the film, actually wrote this light novel; this is the release of the English translation. It’s tough to really sum up everything going on, but suffice it to say that it’s about two teens who may live in two different parts of Japan, but find themselves connected anyway. As with The Judas Contract, this would probably make a nice companion to a re-watch of the film. Yen On; hardcover, 192 pages; list price on Amazon: $20.00.

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Also out today are books like Michael Crichton’s Dragon Teeth, published for the first time, as well as Alan Dean Foster’s novelization of Alien: Covenant.

How are you stocking up for summer reads?