Netflix knows what we all want: Lupita Nyong’o and Rihanna in a movie together


Netflix might have just made the entire week despite the reports that a movie starring Lupita Nyong’o and Rihanna might not arrive for a long time.

Netflix has seen Hulu’s attempts to take over streaming with great titles like The Handmaid’s Tale. The following piece of news kind of feels like a returning shot. Entertainment Weekly reported today that Netflix will make the Lupita Nyong’o-Rihanna-Ava DuVernay movie. You know, the really one that Ava DuVernay totally wanted to make anyway, thank you.

Now, granted, this movie might end up coming out in 2019 or perhaps even later. EW  even notes that DuVernay will work on this film after finishing other projects. The big one is probably A Wrinkle in Time. That should arrive in 2018.

But, since EW also reports that there was a “dramatic negotiation session” involved, Netflix may want to get this movie out as soon as everyone is involved can get together. And we do mean everyone, because apparently Issa Rae might also free up time to write the script.

As outlets like Fortune have reported, Netflix has spent a serious amount of money to build up its original content. In fact, DuVernay and Netflix have already worked together before on the documentary 13TH. This is a completely different idea, of course.

We just can’t get over the fact that this film is going to actually exist and that’s basically wonderful. As EW notes, the story everyone wrote was that of Lupita and Rihanna as partners-in-crime. How cool would it be if it has the sort of glamorous aesthetic of a movie like Ocean’s Eleven? Both Rihanna and Lupita have such great style that it seems almost inevitable.

Yours truly has already filed this one on the long-term watch list.

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Perhaps the only question left is which of the internet’s many boyfriends Netflix can rope in for Lupita and Rihanna to dupe. Any suggestions?