25 best horror movie monsters

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10. The Predator

So, imagine you’re a CIA-sponsored commando, just trying to do your job rescuing a hostage from insurgents in the Val Verde jungle. Yes, we know “Val Verde” is a fictional place, but you get my drift. You’re just a muscular, hard working Joe (or Schwarzenegger, as the case may be), trying to do your job. Then, out of nowhere, a monster from another planet starts treating you like you’re a big game animal. It’s flattering in some respects, but no one asked your team if they were interested in playing a round of The Most Dangerous Game.

Said alien, the titular Predator, doesn’t care, though. And why would it? It’s a darn good killing machine. Plus, the reptilian look, muscular build, and mandible filled with pointy teeth are enough to make even 1980s Jesse Ventura think twice. Plus, the Predator is a highly intelligent human being. It’s bad enough dealing with an unthinking monster, but one that can routinely outsmart is clearly way more deadly.

Another thing about the Predator: the part originally went to Jean-Claude Van Damme, the Belgian actor and martial artist that somehow became the personification of the 1990s. However, filmmakers worried that Van Damme would look too slender and unimposing next to musclebound actors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura.

Van Damme also complained about the hot, cumbersome suit, which also obscured his moneymaking face, apparently. Eventually, the role went to the 7’3” Kevin Peter Hall, who also played the sasquatch Harry in Harry and the Hendersons.