Unlikable TV Characters: We hate them because they really deserve it

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MODERN FAMILY – “Alone Time” – Everyone deserves a little alone time now and then, so when Mitch and Jay separately seek out a much-needed retreat from the family and end up at the same resort, it becomes clear just how “related” they really are. Meanwhile, Phil and Claire can’t seem to really enjoy the empty-nester life, and Cam, not knowing what to do with himself while Mitch is away, drops in on Gloria’s to lend a hand. (ABC/Byron Cohen)

Jay Pritchett – Modern Family

Jay isn’t a bad guy, nor is he some big ol’ villain like some others on the list. However, he is a giant grump and seems like he would be really hard to be around, much less live with. He complains about pretty much everything, and it wouldn’t be too far a leap to write him a storyline in which he’s shaking his fist at some youngsters, shouting, “Get off my lawn!!!”

His family seems to just accept all his curmudgeonly ways. One of the running gags on the show is how gruff and unyielding Jay was to Mitchell. A lot of Mitchell’s adult insecurities can be drawn directly back to how distant and grumpy Jay was a father. Claire is so high strung and neurotic, probably as a result of her constant compulsion to try to please her father.

As far as TV jerks go, he’s pretty mild. He definitely tries to be a good father and husband, and his intentions are always good. But, like so many of the folks on this list, he’s so completely clueless of how his own actions affect other people. He’s a giant crab, and nobody wants to be around someone who constantly gripes about everything.