American Gods episode 4 trailer and synopsis: Git Gone


For this week’s American Gods, it appears we’re taking a look back before we move forward. Here’s what you can expect from episode 4, “Git Gone.”

At the end of the previous episode of American Gods, Shadow came back to the Motel America after robbing a bank, to find his dead wife Laura sitting on his bed. And that wasn’t even the weirdest thing that’s happened to him so far. He also bet away his life on a game of checkers, had his fortune read on an inaccessible rooftop at midnight, and made it snow just by thinking about snow.

Judging from comments on social media, viewers who are new to American Gods are very confused right now. Don’t worry, guys. You’re in good company—Shadow still doesn’t know what’s going on either. However, it looks like the central mystery of what the heck Wednesday is up to may have to wait at least a week. Here’s the official synopsis of “Git Gone,” via Starz:

"Alternating between the past and the present, Laura’s life and death are explored—how she met Shadow, how she died, and how exactly she came to be sitting on the edge of his motel room bed."

And here’s the season 1, episode 4 preview:

Laura Moon leads in, saying

"I lived my life, good and bad. Definitely not light as a feather."

Yeah, we know she was no angel, seeing how she died. You know, having an affair with her best friend Audrey’s husband Robbie. What else did she do? What was she like, this woman who was the love of Shadow Moon’s life? It’s not something we really get to see in the book. Shadow’s previous life, before prison, is mostly a blank.

The preview also shows Laura speaking with Anubis, on the same dark plane where he weighed Mrs. Fadil’s soul. I can’t wait to see that conversation. Because Laura is not in the afterlife. She’s in Shadow’s room at the Motel America.

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Tune in to Starz on Sunday night at 9 p.m. for episode 4 of American Gods. And check back with Culturess afterward for my recap and review of “Git Gone.”