Watch this wonderfully creepy Dementor light show at Universal Japan


They’re the ominous cloaked figures that float and fly around Azkaban Prison. And now, courtesy of Universal Japan, you can catch the creepiness in real time in this Dementor light show.

The world of Harry Potter isn’t all cutesy spells or potions to buy at Zonko’s Joke Shop. There’s some extra dark stuff there. One of the worst offenders? The Dementors. They’re the creepy cloaked specters of all things awfulness that guard Azkaban Prison. It’s nearly impossible to survive an attack without the Patronus charm at the ready. But it seems those at Universal Japan were able to fend just fine, as the theme park revealed one of its newest Harry Potter exhibits.

Take a look at this video of the Expecto Patronum Nigh Show at Osaka’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter, courtesy of Attractions Magazine.

This lovely show, which debuted in April, showcases what happens when Dementors escape Azkaban and decide to pay Hogwarts a visit. The shadowy figures are projected on a gigantic backdrop of the famous castle and fly around, even at one point freezing the building with their icy breath.

The actors in the show speak both Japanese and English for the audience. We learn the Dementors are looking for their next human victims, and will attack anyone who gets in their way. The only thing to stop the evil that lives inside these apparitions is a Patronus charm, which can only spring forth by thinking of your happiest memory. With a little help from the audience, the actors can banish the Dementors with a flick of their wands.

Some of the YouTube commenters said there were a few Dementors flying around that were actually controlled by drones. There was also a giant scary puppet Dementor who took someone out as well!

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For now, the show is staying at Universal Japan. No word yet if this fantastic light show has any plans on moving stateside.