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Production still from Anne with an E. Image: Caitlin Cronenberg/Netflix

Anne with an E – Now

Starring: Amybeth McNulty, Geraldine James, and RH James

Premise: This is Netflix reimagining of the classic 1908 novel, Anne of Green Gables. It follows the life and trials of young Anne Shirley. She is adopted by a sweet family, the Cuthberts, escaping a life fraught with abuse and neglect as an orphan.

This adaptation is a bit darker than its predecessors. It takes on the gritty truth of what it means to not be wanted as a child in the world. The series isn’t necessarily defined by it’ darkness however. It nods to it, in true 21st century style, yet it maintains the exuberance and enthusiasm you’ll remember from the books and movies that you loved.

It’s sweet enough to transport you back to the Green Gables that you love, but updated so that you aren’t getting a cavity from every single episode. It’s one of the best updates for the modern moment, and you probably won’t regret watching it. It’s “feel good” in the best possible way.

The buzz: It’s good. Everybody is sort of loving it, and it’s getting a lot of stellar reviews. The Atlantic says, “The first two episodes offer a gripping and moving setup for the rest of the season, portraying how Anne, despite improbable odds, persuades the elderly Cuthberts to love her.”

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