Summer watchlist: Watch the 25 hottest new shows of the season

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Salvation – July 12

Starring: Santiago Cabrera, Charlie Rowe, and Jennifer Finnigan

Premise: An asteroid is set to hit the Earth in six months, and the US government is keeping it a secret from the general public. A tech billionaire and an MIT graduate student discover this disastrous news and share it with a low level Pentagon employee.

However, the government is already aware of this little tidbit and decide to withhold it from the American people. The folks who are in the know conspire to solve this problem before anybody is none the wiser.

There’s a lot of folks looking worried and pensive, a government conspiracy, and some science talk. If you love any of those things even a little bit, then this show is definitely for you.

The buzz: It’s definitely a summer show in that it offers a lot of bang for your buck, but maybe not so much substance. Gizmodo sums up the below trailer as simply as this, “Asteroid. Earth. Boom.” The publication goes on to offer this about the apocalypse show, “I don’t know if the ridiculousness of Salvation is on purpose, but I’m kind of digging how mindless it is.”

Where to watch: CBS