Zack Snyder says the Wonder Woman sequel is already a go


We’re still waiting with bated breath to witness the awesomeness of Wonder Woman in theaters. Now, director Zack Snyder spilled the beans on the development of the sequel.

Weeks ago, we told you Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins was hinting at seeing more from our favorite Amazonian fighter. Now, it looks like that hype has jumped from mere speculation into full blown confirmation. At least that’s what we’re hearing.

At the Wonder Woman red carpet premiere in Shanghai, China, director and producer Zack Snyder made the adoring crowd aware that Warner Bros. is going forth with a sequel that is potentially already in the works. Check out this tweet from attendee Arthur Wong.

Snyder is already a producer on the film, but it’s unclear what, if any hand he’ll be playing in a sequel. Early reviews of the film are already looking positive. There was a 30 minute preview played for the audience in Shanghai, which apparently brought the house down.

While there’s virtually nothing we can tell you about what this sequel would entail, there’s obviously a lot to play with here. The upcoming movie is just the origin story of how Diana Prince becomes a hero. Director Patty Jenkins, a long-time comic book fan, says there’s tons more  for this high-kicking character to explore.

But before we get to see what else Wonder Woman has in store for us, Joss Whedon’s Batgirl will hit theaters first, continuing the growing trend of female comic book characters grabbing the reins and headlining their own films. And we will be seeing actress Gal Gadot again when she teams up with Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash for Justice League, coming this November. Early projections show the film could make up to anywhere between $65 and $105 million at the box office.

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For now, Wonder Woman officially hits theaters June 2.