The importance of what family means to us and the Harry Potter series


When it comes to family and their importance, the Harry Potter series does a great way of showing what family truly means to us all.

Family is something that we all have different definitions of. It can vary between those blood related to you and those you keep close. Friends can become your family and your family changes as you get older.

But when it comes to pop culture, that definition can get muddled and people often dismiss the idea that we can make our families. With Harry Potter, the series does a great job of incorporating what family means to us all and how we can, in fact, have our own definition of what it truly means to be a part of one.

For instance, Harry never had anyone he considered his family other than the Dursleys. And you wouldn’t exactly call them people you’d want to be around. So in the series, his family slowly came his friends and their families.

From there, he adopted Sirius (his godfather) as a true member of his family and by the end of the series, those closest to him were who Harry considered his family and so on and so forth. So what is so amazing about this whole thing is that it taught us that sometimes those who are blood related to us are not our families.

For many who fight with their blood relatives or don’t get along with them, they have to build their own. And, much like Harry, they have to find those who make them feel their best selves.

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So family is important but if the Harry Potter series taught us anything, it’s that we choose who we love and want to be part of our family.