Donald Trump probably plagiarized Elle Woods and Jimmy Fallon is confused


To be fair Fallon isn’t the only one confused by the newest “what even” moment from President Donald Trump as he now appears to have plagiarized Elle Woods.

Donald Trump took a new plagiarizing low when it was revealed he took Elle Woods’ commencement speech and used it as his own. No really, we wish we made this up. Jimmy Fallon pointed out that the commencement speech Trump gave at Liberty University wasn’t exactly new.

Now here’s the thing: It was just a very general speech. But the fact that there were quite a few key phrases that were the same makes us think that someone on Trump’s team is quite the prankster.

Unfortunately that speech writer is probably fired because that’s the Trump way, but let’s for a moment appreciate how funny this truly is. Our president probably plagiarized Elle Woods. Literally a feminist icon.

He read the same speech she did without pause. It’s something that a comedian would write into his own television show. Just imagine an episode of VEEP where Selina Kyle is reading a speech and came to find out that said speech was from a movie.

And this isn’t the first time it’s happened either! Remember when Trump quoted Bane in his inauguration speech? So either someone truly loves messing with Trump and his speeches or these coincidences are just here to make this crazy world a little funnier for us. Because really,  who doesn’t love it? The president is quoting feminist icons and Batman villains. It’s weirdly poetic.

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So while Jimmy Fallon tends to either stay away from politics or just make jokes, it is great to see him coming onto our radar. This was a great connection and it truly makes us laugh in the midst of all the drama surrounding our political climate.