Music and the Wizarding World: The importance of music in the Harry Potter series


Harry Potter has something important in both the series and in the movies: the music. Fans love the music of the wizarding world and we’re looking at why.

Pottermore decided to touch on music in the Harry Potter world. We’ve seen the love the wizards have for the Weird Sisters and we know, as fans, that we also love the music from the series as a whole.

So while this is a common thread throughout the series, it is still important to look at how the wizards react to music within their world as well as how fans react to the music the series produces.

First, let’s examine this Dumbledore quote that truly relates to how we, as people, love music as a whole.

"‘Ah, music,’ he said, wiping his eyes. ‘A magic beyond all we do here!’"

And Dumbledore is right. There is some magical ability that music has to connect us all and make us fall in love. As people, music helps focus us, connect us, and even provide us with emotional connections to moments in our lives.

And the wizards are no different. The fangirl over their favorite bands and they cry when they play their favorite songs. Why? Because again, music has a magical power over us all. Even if you’re not a fan of music, there is definitely one song that you have an emotional connection to.

So it’s just a fun thing to think about. Music is so powerful that it is even important in our fictional worlds. We get to think about our favorite characters loving music just as we love our favorite songs.

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Music is a magical thing and it is something so special that even in the fictional world of Harry Potter, it cannot be stopped.