Inexpensive last minute Mother’s Day gifts that mom will love


Everyone wants mom to know that she is loved and appreciated. These inexpensive last-minute Mother’s Day gifts will make her smile.

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Brunch reservations are full. Cooking at home could be a disaster. You didn’t order flowers and candy could cause an argument. Mom has to have a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift, even if she say that she needs nothing. These inexpensive last-minute Mother’s Day gifts will make mom’s day special.

14 FEBRUARY 2013 – New York – Bouquets of flowers stand at the ready for sale on Valentine’s Day at a flower vendor on 86th Street near First Avenue outside a grocery store on February 14 , 2013, New York, NY. It is estimated that nearly 200 million roses will be sold, and men will purchase 75 percent of them. Credit: Anthony Behar/Sipa USA

Flower every hour

Flowers are a popular gift for Mother’s Day. But, a bouquet or vase of flowers is somewhat predictable (and boring). Give mom a flower every hour of her special day. By breaking up the bouquet, mom gets a little surprise all day long. Here’s an easy way to accomplish it.

For example, take a dozen roses. Costco has a great deal on two dozen roses (available in the warehouse). On each rose attach a note, card or picture. The attached item should have some special meaning to mom. Like, a picture of the beach where you spent your honeymoon or a picture of her first Mother’s Day. Other options could be a note about a memory that you hold dear or just saying I love you.

Throughout the day present mom with one of the flowers. Keep a vase close by and she can add flowers as the day progresses. Hopefully, her smile will grow and the only tears are happy ones.

Mom’s favorite cocktails, photo by Cristine Struble

Stock the house with her favorite items

Everyone has a favorite food, television show or even shower soap. Think about your mom’s favorite things and stock the house with those items. The items don’t have to be expensive. The gesture shows that everyone actually pays attention to mom’s likes.

For example, mom loves a bacon smoke Gouda cheese from the local market. Make sure that the cheese is in the fridge for Mother’s Day. Fill the bathroom linen closet with her favorite body wash. Even fill the DVR with all her favorite movies and television shows. This gift shows mom that you actually pay attention to her likes.

Take a picture with mom

Flip through a photo album, if you still have one, or scroll through Instagram and Facebook. How many pictures do you have with you and your mom? Often, mom is the one taking the picture versus being in the picture. This Mother’s Day, take a picture with mom.

The picture doesn’t have to be fancy. Any smartphone has a great camera. Even a selfie works. Use Mother’s Day as an annual remembrance to take a picture with mom. It can become a tradition. No one ever wants to look back and wish they had more pictures together.

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These inexpensive last-minute Mother’s Day gifts ensure that every mom or important woman in your life knows that she means the world to you. No matter how you celebrate the day, express your feelings of love and appreciation. Those sentiments will always make her smile.