Colorful brunch table sets a bright, celebratory mood for Mother’s Day


Weekends are best enjoyed over a long, leisurely brunch. A colorful brunch table sets a bright, celebratory mood even before one cocktail is poured.

Brunch can make an ordinary day into a luxurious day. Something about a combined, mid-day meal, often with a cocktail, exudes not a care in the world. To make the event even more celebratory, a colorful brunch table can enliven the mood.

Whether planning a Mother’s Day brunch or an afternoon with friends, these colorful brunch table suggestions can add some flare to your next event.

Colorful brunch table, photo by Cristine Struble

Skip the matching plates

A long table set with the same plate at each setting can look monotonous. Why not brighten up the table with varied colored plates. One easy way to achieve this look is with Fiesta. Fiesta offers a huge color palate. More importantly, all the colors work with each other.

If you don’t have a huge collection of Fiesta sitting in the cabinet, an easy way to start is with a few coordinating plates. One great way to start is with the floral bouquet luncheon plate. The new floral bouquet plates help to coordinate the table. The white based plate with bright red and yellow flowers can coordinate with all the Fiesta colors.

Using the Fiesta floral bouquet plate, set the table with two floral bouquet plates and several other colored plates. The guest of honor could have the floral plate. Everyone else could choose their favorite color for their place setting. Mix, match and be creative.

Colorful brunch table, photo by Cristine Struble

Fruit, not flowers

A brunch table needs a few decorations. While flowers are pretty, the flower’s smell can take away from the aromas of the meal. Fruit can be as colorful without the added smell. A small bowl of limes and lemons or a few mangoes can add bright colors to the table.

In addition to the pretty décor, the fruit can become the next day’s breakfast or an evening smoothie. A table filled with mangoes or peaches can be blended into a Monday morning pick me up with a fruit smoothie. Or, the fruit can be used in a salad or a simple chutney.

For the limes or lemons, these fruits can flavor water or be a way to add flavor to dishes. Citrus can be an easy way to add flavor without sodium. Instead of adding extra salt to a dish, a squeeze of lemon or lime can reduce the amount of salt.

With fruit as a table decoration, the decoration becomes useful and there is no waste.

Colorful brunch table, photo by Cristine Struble

Color in the beverages

Brighten up the brunch table with some colorful beverages. From a lovely rose to a bright mimosa, the beverages can set the mood too. Setting the table with a single color scheme for all beverages can create a big impression.

Mimosas are classic brunch cocktail. Instead of the classic orange juice and sparkling wine, think of another juice to use. A tart pomegranate juice can balance the rich foods at brunch. Or, a green juice can make you forget all the extra butter and calories in French toast.

If brunch is just the start of the celebratory day, a couple of bottles of rose can add a light, almost romantic touch to the table. A popular summer beverage, Rosé is growing in popularity. The chilled wine pairs perfectly with many dishes and tastes refreshing on a hot day.

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A colorful brunch table adds to the celebratory mood. The bright mid-day meal might have guests enjoying each other’s company all day long. Hopefully, the refrigerator is well stocked.