Ryan Seacrest might be in the running for yet another job


Whether you love him or hate him, Ryan Seacrest has a knack for sticking around no matter what the circumstance. He’s already swole with entertainment jobs, and could be back for another stint on a fan favorite show.

Ryan Seacrest has done alright in his 42 years. He’s a successful producer, host, radio personality, and he even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But here’s something that will make all of us (technically) unemployed folks a bit ornery. Variety has exclusive information that Seacrest could return as American Idol’s host when the show is rebooted by ABC next spring.

And for the guy who delivered this performance, that isn’t a half-bad situation to be in.

Although Idol already had its “farewell” season, Variety says sources close to the new production are finalizing details for a possible 2018 contract with Seacrest. FOX producer Simon Fuller has told Variety, “There would be no ‘American Idol’ without Ryan Seacrest.” Seacrest has already proven he can carry the show for 15 seasons, and as the old adage goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

However, Seacrest’s latest gig could further complicate things. He recently joined Kelly Ripa for ABC’s long-standing morning show Live, renaming the show Live with Kelly and Ryan. On top of all his producer duties and hosting a daily radio show, it does seem like a tall order for just one guy to take on.

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Though I’ll still never forgive him for unleashing Keeping Up with the Kardashians on the world, a part of me has to commend Seacrest for his self-awareness and hard work in Hollywood. He’s a busy guy, and busy people rarely cause trouble. He could totally take this on and still look like the smiley, slightly dorky guy he comes across as.

But I can still be envious of jobs just seemingly falling into his lap. If only that happened in real life.