J.K Rowling isn’t completely fearless and she admitted so in a tweet


Our queen and leader isn’t exactly fearless as J.K Rowling admitted what used to terrify her in a tweet! And really, it just makes us love her more.

Even J.K Rowling has fears of meaningless things. Well, it wasn’t meaningless at the time but this tweet she sent out on May 1 makes her even more relatable to her diverse audience. For those who don’t know, Rowling struggled for many years before being the queen of our Harry Potter empire.

She was nearly homeless many times and no one thought that Harry Potter would end up being the hit it became. So Rowling’s message to Jane Merrick‘s question on Twitter, “If you could go back to your 1997 self tonight what would you say?”

And while it is sweet, it also breaks out hearts a little. To think of this strong woman struggling when she provided so many of us with hope is crazy. She is the defining factor of so many of our childhoods. Her books speak volumes to us so to think that she was on the brink of being homeless is mind blowing.

But more than that, she willingly donates to charities regularly and even dropped down her status in Forbes because of it. And now we know that maybe J.K Rowling isn’t just a fearless powerful woman. After all, she did admit to being afraid of public speaking in that tweet.

But really, who isn’t a little afraid of speaking in public?

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We love you Jo! As fans, we know your story is nuanced and there is so much we don’t know but we thank you for everything you’ve done for us. Without your story, who knows where many of us would be!