Once Upon a Time’s Jennifer Morrison will only return for one episode in season 7, if it happens


The lead of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Jennifer Morrison, announced this morning that she will only commit to one episode in season 7.

Because it’s Once Upon a Time, a show all about fairytales and stories, it’s fitting to say that as of this morning, Jennifer Morrison has decided that next week’s Once Upon a Time season finale will not just close this chapter of Emma Swan’s story, but the entire book.

In an Instagram post, she stated that her contract ends with season 6 and she will only commit to one episode in season 7.

Check out the entire post below:

Of course, the important caveat here is that all depends on if there’s a Once Upon a Time season 7. ABC hasn’t said anything yet as to which way things will go, though Entertainment Weekly strongly believes it will be renewed.

Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, Once Upon a Time‘s executive producers, released a statement:

"“The past six years of collaborating with Jennifer as Emma Swan have been truly magical. Watching her breathe life into Emma, she accomplished more than we could have dreamed possible — she gave life to a brand-new Disney Princess, filled with strength and intelligence and an incredible closet full of red leather jackets. We’ll miss seeing her every day, but her imprint upon Once Upon a Time is indelible. She will always be a part of the show and its heart and soul. That said, just because Jennifer won’t be back every week doesn’t mean we won’t see our savior again.”"

While the fate of the series hangs in the balance, so does Emma’s. The season finale will see her head into the Final Battle with the Black Fairy. According to prophecy, Emma is meant to die in the two-hour season finale airing this Sunday.

So it calls into question whether Morrison’s announcement foreshadows Emma’s fate or whether she’s leaving the show before ABC cancels it.

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Luckily, we know Emma has found her happy ending with Hook. If you missed yesterday’s episode, “The Song in Your Heart,” you missed some serious character developments for Emma Swan.

Once Upon a Time‘s season finale airs on Sunday, May 14 on ABC.