The best of Bravo: A study in the best and worst in humanity

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Photo: Bravo

This is the best of Bravo. Which is to say, the best, worst, and most depraved parts of humanity. Also, it’s really great TV.

Don’t blame Bravo, they’re only giving us what we want. We want to see rich, beautiful people acting horribly. We also like to see them at their very best and richest, but also at their very worst. Whether it’s housewives, servers, chefs, or sassy Southern folks, Bravo knows how to bring the juicy.

Before Bravo, we had to settle for our reality in small chunks that usually included some kind of competition or marriage proposal. Once Andy Cohen and his magic makers at Bravo came on the scene, we had all sorts of reality drama to sort through, and it was almost too much to choose from. I mean… just look at how many Housewives franchises there are. But through it all, he brought us the best and the worst parts of human nature, right at the tips of our fingers.

The best of times could include cat fights, betrayals, love triangles, and more mess than you can handle in one place. The worst might include life-threatening ATV crashes, drug addiction, or cringe-worthy live performances. Either way, Bravo delivers the human condition to us like no other network, and we’re always be grateful for that.