The complete Mother’s Day gift guide to show mom you’re the best


Are you ready for Mother’s Day? We can help.

Sunday May 14 is Mother’s Day and mom deserves nothing but the best. And yet, sometimes, you face a bit of a creative block as to what, exactly, the best is. Worry not. We’ve got 20 ideas that are sure to help you find the perfect gift for mom, whatever her tastes, interests or proclivities may be.

Here’s your complete and comprehensive Mother’s Day gift guide.

20. Because I Said So Enamel Pin

How many times have you heard mom utter those immortal words? It’s the ultimate parent move and one you know so well you must respect and/or aspire to use yourself one day. And if you must live with the phrase in your life, facing it in cute lapel pin form doesn’t seem that bad.

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19. L’Occitane Mini Hand Cream Delight Gift

Just say yes to this mini set of travel size hand creams from the luxurious (yet still affordable) L’Occitane brand. With six scents (Rose, Almond, Cherry Blossom, Peony, Shea Butter and Verbena) and slightly different formulas (varying proportions of shea butter and almond oil), mom can stash them all over her life. Kitchen, boudoir, handbag – she’ll never be without.

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18. Rifle Paper Co. Floral Weekly Planner

To-do lists are good and useful. A cute, floral weekly planner pad makes list keeping easy and aesthetically pleasing. While we know a list can’t capture everything mom does for you and everyone else in her life, a Rifle Paper Co. pad can help her keep track.

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17. Complete Terrarium Kit

There are certain presents that mom won’t think to buy herself. Terrariums – essentially, cute little glass-encased gardens – are just that kind of present. But for the mom who loves a lil’ nature and an eclectic decorating vibe, a terrarium is exactly the thing to bring literal life to her desk, windowsill or workspace.

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16. Yoga for Beginners kit

Yoga, as a workout and lifestyle trend, is decidedly here to stay. And for good reason! The flexibility and whole body stretch is great for your physical health, not to mention the meditative value it provides as well. So if mom’s been hemming and hawing – still a little hesitant but undeniably interested – set her up with a beginner’s set from the much-respected Gaiam brand.

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15. The Year of Cozy

There are an endless number of cookbooks out there – many of them intriguing and enticing, offering all sorts of cooking guidance for trends (farm-to-table) and low-level celebrity voyeurism (hey Chrissy). Year of Cozy is something a little different in that yes, there are recipes, but there are also crafts and projects to keep your mom cracking the spine every day.

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14. Pretty Kitty Hinged Jar 

Everyone needs a secret stash of snacks – some place where you know, no matter the time or day, there will be chocolate,  chips or the vice of your choice waiting. Even mom. Get mom a cookie and/or salty snack jar that just for her – you can even choose from different animals too.

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13. Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher

You mom isn’t a normal mom, she’s a cool mom and cool moms deserve fruit-infused water. This fancy, fruit-infusing pitcher makes that easy: You place fruit, wedges, whatever, in a removable hollow rod and let it do its thing. Maybe you break it out for Mother’s Day brunch. Maybe you use with sparkling water for homemade La Croix. Get fancy.

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12. Harney and Sons Fine Teas 

Mom deserves the best things and the best things in tea means Harney and Sons. This set from the fine tea purveyor includes three flavors: hot cinnamon spice, peppermint herbal and Paris. (The Paris flavor resembles an Earl Grey with a bit of a black currant flavor.)

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11. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Summer comes in hot after Mother’s Day and if mom loves coffee, mom is going to need iced coffee. Better yet, cold brew. But, we also all know making cold brew at home is just time-consuming enough to be inconvenient . Enter: This 4-cup cold-brew coffee maker. Load the infuser up with ground coffee, place in cold water, seal, shake and refrigerate overnight.  Boom. Easy.

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10. Peace Yoga Mat Tote Bag

If your mother is the sporty type, then she’s going to love a solid yoga mat at her disposal. You also need a proper way to transport your yoga gear, one that helps your mother stand out from the crowd with her own style.

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9. Under Armour Sports Bra 

You should never go cheap on your fitness gear and that includes what you wear. Under Armour is not cheap but you can get it on the cheap if you look in the right places. For the sporty mother, get her this Under Armour sports bra for maximum workout comfort.

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8. Squad III Duffel 

Being fit and active isn’t a requirement to have a nice bag. Your mother might not want some fancy handbag to tote around, and Adidas has that mom covered. This duffel bag is perfect for the gym or expertly designed for a trip to the store. Looking stylish doesn’t have to be expensive and can always be practical.

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7. Organic Chapstick

Never undersell the importance of a good lip balm. Chapstick isn’t something you need solely in the winter months, and even if you do it’s never a bad time to make sure your mother is adequately prepared. Don’t go cheap and get chopstick packed with chemicals, get this organic stick that will soothe lips and do it cleanly.

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6. Yoga Mat Carrier Bag

You can’t get your mother a yoga mat and expect her to carry it around. That’s just unfair and is unbecoming of you as a child; be practical and get her a yoga mat bag. There’s a certain element of style choice involved with getting a yoga mat and you need something to store this extension of your fitness life in, and avoiding going cheap doesn’t mean you have to break your piggy bank.

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5. Kate Spade Glass Water Bottle

Assuming that a water bottle needs to be a certain way is a wrong way of looking at life. Ditch the plastic and avoid the metallic taste involved with a tin water bottle. Kate Spade has you covered in making sure you stay hydrated, don’t sacrifice taste and can show off a high level of style in the process.

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4. Adidas Leggings

Buying clothes for anyone can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Leggings are a comfortable way to lounge around the house on a lazy day or maximize your workout so that you go hard the whole time. Whether your mother is fitness minded or just looking for comfort, these cozy Adidas leggings are a great gift.

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3. Nike Rally Hoodie

One reason some people avoid Nike is the high retail price. But looking great and feeling fantastic in Nike gear doesn’t always mean breaking the bank. What better way to repay your mother for all the years of hard work raising you by giving her a cozy Nike sweater at a price that you can brag to her about getting a deal on — making her proud on all fronts.

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2. Grid Foam Roller 

Don’t make your mother use those sweaty gross foam rollers that everyone uses at the gym. She’s special and deserves better. If she’s not into yoga you can still grab a mat bag and give her a foam roller to carry in it so she doesn’t have to dirty up her workout gear or be subjected to using just any old piece of equipment.

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1. Universal Mobile Armband

Everyone uses their phone at the gym — whether it’s checking emails on the treadmill or keeping track of a workout with an app. One thing that is a constant problem is the phone getting in the way of the workout, something you can help your mother avoid with an armband to hold her phone and ensure she gets the best workout ever. Even if she doesn’t workout, this holder is great for keeping your phone handy while doing work around the house or taking the dog for a walk.

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