Mother’s Day Managed: 20 gifts to buy your Harry Potter-loving mom


Mother’s Day shopping is a breeze when Mom is a Harry Potter fan.

Mother’s Day – it’s Sunday May 14 this year – is almost here. Mom deserves something special, nay, magical. If she’s a Harry Potter fan, that’s no problem. Retailers like Amazon are stocked with all sorts of cute and unique Harry Potter-themed gifts that fit any budget. From accessories (necklaces, phone cases) and self-care essentials (candles, cookbooks) to home goods (pillows, prints) and big ticket box sets, we’ve got it all.

Here’s your Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Harry Potter fan in your life.

20. Time Turner Necklace

You know as well as anyone that it’s a mystery how mom gets so much done in a day, so it’s only fitting you equip her with Hermione Granger’s tasteful trendy time turner on a chain.

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19. Harry Potter Glasses Phone Case

Glitter, gold and fancy script is indicative of a lot of Harry Potter merch, but it’s not for everyone. The Harry Potter fandom contains multitudes and sometimes mom is going to want a Harry Potter phone case that she can proudly and professionally take into that client meeting. This is that phone case.

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18. Head Girl Enamel Pin

Pins are an excellent accessory. Small, detailed, versatile – a pin lets mom rep Harry Potter in a super subtle way – and this one communicates exactly who is in charge. Plus, she can put a pin anywhere she wants. Know where pins look really great? On tote bags…

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17. The Muggle Struggle Tote Bag

Totes are the ultimate multi-purpose bag. Big enough to carry everything from a light grocery run to a Macbook to knitting, but compact enough to not feel like a duffle bag, this is a surefire “Oh wow, she’s actually using it!” Mother’s Day gift. And the message is nothing if not relatable.

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16. Not a Regular Mom T-Shirt

This one goes out to the Harry Potter mom who also loves herself a good Mean Girls reference. The fitted tee spins the iconic Amy Poehler line for moms who know there’s nothing cooler than being a Potter mom.

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15. Morphing Marauder’s Map Mugs

You’re never too old for magical morphing mugs i.e. those mugs that change colors when hot or cold liquid is poured into them. Honestly, we don’t even really want to know how they work. This HP variety looks like a sleek all-black mug (not a bad look either) on the shelf before depicting the Marauder’s Map with a little heat. (If mom is more of a butter beer kind of gal, the same manufacturers also sell a cold-sensitive stein.)

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14. It’s mimOsa, not mimosA Mug

The most important pronunciation correction in any Harry Potter fan’s life finds fresh relevancy in this brunch-ready mug. And look, we know she’s your mom and you may have a particular image of her in mind but let’s be real: you can’t spell mimosa without m, o and m.

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13. Espresso Patronum Travel Mug

If mom believes coffee truly is magical (we don’t blame her) and espresso can save you from dementors, then this handy travel mug is for her. With subtle stars and a spell she can relate to, it will be her trusted ally in the fight against morning.

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12. Bath Bomb Gift Set 

While not Harry Potter-themed specifically, bath bombs certainly look like magic to us. Not sold? We challenge you to use a bath bomb and not picture yourself solving mysteries in the prefect’s bathroom. With a set of 10, you might even convince mom to part with one.

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11. Butterbeer Candles

Everyone loves candles. It’s just a fact. Accept it and buy your mom one that also reps her favorite fandom. All the candles in the set have a sweet, delicious buttery scent and each of the jars come with your choice of Harry Potter reference.

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10. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Subtitle: From Cauldron Cakes to Knickerbocker Glory – More Than 150 Magical Recipes for Wizards and Non-Wizards Alike. This unofficial cookbook looks like a lot of fun. In addition to some delicious and delightfully-inspired meals, a cookbook also provides the opportunity for you to cook something for your mom from the book – or at the very least, cook with her.

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9. Harry Potter Prints Set of 4

There’s no shortage of HP-themed wall art out there and this set of four offers classic quotes in beautiful script, while providing something a little different from the standard parchment script.

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8. Alohomora Doormat

Step up your gift game with something you can step all over. The door-opening Alohomora spell, in bold gold-on-black script, may not literally open doors, but guests are sure to know they’re entering a Harry Potter home.

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7. Luna Lovegood Pillow

Don’t be afraid to go off-book – or at least, deep into the book. This pillow, adorned with an illustration of Luna Lovegood line with the character’s trademark glasses and kooky star and moon earrings, is a delightful gift for the Harry Potter fan who isn’t looking for lightning bolts and parchment script.

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6. Free Dobby Sign and Sock Hook

If your mom has managed to make it this far in life without ever encountering a stray sock, she’s a real-life magician. In which case, much envy. But more likely, she’s like the rest of us Muggles and knows the inexplicable angst of single socks in the laundry. With a Free Dobby sock hanger, she can at least feel like those stray socks support a good cause.

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5. Spells and Charms Pencils 

This set of pencils in subtle Gryffindor colors is foiled stamped with four spells – expelliarmus, obliviate, langlock, fidelius. Perfect for the mom who is always looking for a writing utensil, but doesn’t need a spell to shut you up at the drop of a hat. (Sure would be nice though.)

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4. Harry Potter Box Set

Here’s the thing about moms: Nine out of 10 times, they give you the good stuff. That means while you have a beautiful box set of Harry Potter hardbacks mom may be picking up a ratty paperback with the pages falling out when she wants to revisit Privet Drive. Do mom a solid and make sure she has a nice, aesthetically pleasing box set of her favorite books.

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3. Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection

The previous advice, except for the movies. Yes, maybe your family mostly streams things these days, and yes, the movies are on ABC Family (sorry, Freeform) at any given hour, but movies disappear from Netflix in the blink of an eye and what about in the event of a storm that knocks out the internet? Every Harry Potter fan needs complete collections.

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2. Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey

She has the books, she has the movies. Now get her the installment that documents how one became the other. Complete with actor interviews and behind-the-scenes photographs, it’s “a lavish and personal look at the entire filmmaking process.”

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1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Special Rehearsal Edition Script

If a trip to London isn’t in Trelawney’s tea leaves, bring the Harry Potter play to mom. This special rehearsal edition script features both parts of the eighth installment. Kicking off where the Deathly Hollows epilogue left off, The Cursed Child follows Harry Potter’s son as he comes to terms with being Harry Potter’s son.

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