The GOP healthcare bill is Stephen Colbert’s latest target


Since the House of Representatives passed its version of a healthcare bill, Stephen Colbert dedicated the bulk of his opening segment to talking about it.

Yesterday, we hoped that whatever happened with the House’s new version of the American Health Care Act did so before Stephen Colbert taped The Late Show. It did, and the bill passed. However, Colbert tried and mitigate things with a little humor (and, of course, plenty of citations).

Here’s the first section of his opener from last night’s episode of the show. (Warning, in case you’re at work: one use of “hella,” and one mammogram joke.)

We can’t fault him for the use of a Star Wars reference to explain some of the response to the bill’s passing. Vox called it “dishonest” and “reckless” in a headline before it even passed. ABC News‘ roundup includes Democrats in both chambers voicing strong opposition to the bill, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Does Colbert’s description of the bill’s possible process throughout the Senate seem long and unreasonable? Here’s Scholastic’s explanation corroborating it. Additionally, NBC News reported this morning that the Senate’s take on the bill could look vastly different.

Now, back to Colbert’s citations here, first on the health care bill. The New York Times chart details what the House version of the American Health Care Act looks like. Basically, it only retains the ban on limits and lets children stay on parents’ insurance until the age of 26. Pretty much everything else gets changed or flat-out repealed. Vox speculated further on how this might play out.

Raw Story did cite reports from Alexandra Jaffe of Vice News about the Republicans’ celebration plans.

But of course, Colbert tied two subjects together with the old adage “laughter is the best medicine.” Desiree Fairooz, according to the Vox article Colbert cites during that portion, “faces a fine of up to $500 and up to six months’ imprisonment for the laugh-related charge.”

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One wonders what he’ll get to talk about tonight.