American Gods episode 2 The Secret of The Spoons trailer and synopsis


Are you excited for more American Gods on Starz? Here’s a preview of what’s to come in episode 2, “The Secret of The Spoons.”

Last week, the first episode of the American Gods TV series had some mixed reactions. I loved it. Most of the critics are fawning. On the other hand, my college roommate was very disappointed in the buckets of blood and hyped-up violence. I doubt it was Shadow’s fight with Mad Sweeney; that was in the book, which she loved. I’m betting it was that last scene. That was not in the book, wherein Technical Boy tells Shadow he’s sorry about his wife, and lets Shadow free to walk back and give Mr. Wednesday his manifesto.

At the end of The Bone Orchard, a gang of Daft Punk-booted thugs take Shadow from Technical Boy’s limo, kick him bloody, and hang him by a noose from a tree. (♪”Well ain’t that America?♪) But then the rope breaks and he falls to the ground. Lying there, he sees his assailants explode in some Hannibal-worthy gore. This left many viewers saying “What just happened??” I think we just saw our first Fuller flourish.

The Secret of the Spoons

Who saved Shadow? I have no idea. But he’s alive, and he’s going to Chicago. Here’s the official Starz synopsis for The Secret of the Spoons, which serves as the description for the below preview on YouTube:

"As Mr. Wednesday begins recruitment for the coming battle, Shadow Moon travels with him to Chicago, and agrees to a very high stakes game of checkers with the old Slavic god, Czernobog."

Then there’s this official episode 2 preview from Starz. Shadow wakes in a comfortable bed and is greeted by… his wife?

Apparently accounts of her death have been greatly exaggerated. But they buried her! They saw her dead body in its coffin! Also, spoons?

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Tune in to Starz this Sunday at 9 p.m. for American Gods episode 2, “The Secret of the Spoons,” to find out.