Star Wars Day: 10 merch ideas to start your collection on May the 4th

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9. Soundtracks

The music of Star Wars is a big reason why the movies have endured. John Williams’ work on the main saga films has penetrated into the popular consciousness. “The Imperial March” gets a lot of play when a team’s opponents enter the stadium. Yours truly will freely admit to humming “The Force Theme” when I need to psych myself up to get things done.

The point is that the music is amazing. ThinkGeek has recently released a vinyl set of the soundtracks from The Phantom Menace all the way to Return of the Jedi for audiophiles who take these things seriously. For those who don’t need a record player, though, services like Amazon Prime Music have the soundtracks as part of their libraries, with Prime Music even putting together a playlist of some of the greatest hits if you just want to go straight for the good stuff. It starts with the main theme (of course!) but has at least one piece from each of the seven main films and a couple from Rogue One to add in. Alas, the Rogue One soundtrack with Michael Giacchino is only on Unlimited, but Spotify does have the album.

If you want to go straight for the new stuff, too, The Force Awakens‘ soundtrack has made it onto YouTube via DisneyMusicVEVO.