Star Wars Day: 10 merch ideas to start your collection on May the 4th

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LEGO and Star Wars are a really, really good match. There’s just something about putting together connecting bricks and pieces and having it turn into a TIE fighter or the Millennium Falcon or something else entirely. Plus, let’s face it, LEGO’s minifigures are kind of adorable.

Recently, LEGO has also started releasing kits that actually build characters from the movies, like Jyn Erso and Kylo Ren. The official shop also has sales on some of its products through May 7, with some additional offers available.

However, pretty much any retailer that carries LEGO at all is extremely likely to have Star Wars LEGO, which means you have a lot of options for where to go. Here’s Toys ‘R’ Us (with some of the miniature kits available, in case you don’t want to commit to a huge one right away), Target (with the utterly massive Death Star), and Amazon (which appears to have kits that aren’t being made anymore).

If you do end up choosing a kit, yours truly speaks from personal experience here: they’re a lot of fun to build, and the instructions are given in pictures only, meaning even the younglings can join in on the fun and work together.

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That’ll wrap up our ideas to help kick off (or grow) your Star Wars collection. May the Force be with you (and your wallets)!