May the 4th’s Star Wars Day sales: A user’s guide to the galactic deals


Today is Star Wars Day, which means that it’s a prime time to take advantage of sales, but where should you shop and for what?

Not even Star Wars can escape puns. May 4 (that’s today here in the States!) is Star Wars Day, and all because “May the 4th be with you” sounds like … well, just say it aloud and we’re sure you’ll get it. The official website has put together a list of regular deals as well as gaming deals, but we’ve combined those into one master post of the best sales we’ve seen.

Should we see anything further, we’ll update the list. Be sure to give us a shout-out on Twitter @CulturessFS if you find something else!


The Star Wars store on Amazon has discounts on things like LEGO sets (small, but real!), books (ditto), and more. Keep an eye out during May 4 itself just in case some Lightning or Gold Box deals show up. They’ll also discount games starting on May 4 per the list.


ThinkGeek has a pretty prodigious collection of Star Wars items ranging from coasters to skirts to pins and beyond. Right now, they have three pages of items on sale. Also, if you pick up $50 or more in merchandise, you can get a free pin of Maz Kanata with the code “DONTSTARE.” This sale ends May 4.


Steam has several different bundles, one including 24 games for $60. Several individual games are also on sale for the usual deep discounts. If you’ve been meaning to play, say, Knights of the Old Republic (or replay, as the case may be), now’s probably the time to pick up a PC copy of your games of choice. is offering buy one, get one 50% on all of its Star Wars items, which includes sale items as well (we checked). It also appears as though you don’t need a coupon code. The number of items available is huge — we saw everything from lightsaber wall lights to shirts to plushes to toys to … well, you get the point.

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The Amazon store has 15% off posters, including ones for The Force Awakens as well as several different artstyles to accommodate different ideas of decor. We even spotted a couple of comic style and prequel trilogy posters, for those who like completing the set even if your opinion on those three movies is decidedly mixed.


If you want something slightly more grown up looking but still decidedly Star Wars, EntertainArt has wall canvases 25% off starting May 4 and running through May 8 with SWDAY25. There are vertical, horizontal, and square styles, including some based on the classic posters. If you head back to page 5, you’ll see some blueprint-style pieces that might catch your eye.

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May the 4th be with you!