The Defenders trailer has Nirvana, snark, and basically everything we needed


A little Nirvana never hurts, especially when it isn’t “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and The Defenders trailer capitalized on another classic instead.

The Defenders, after Iron Fist, has a lot to answer for. Some may even be concerned that Danny Rand might drag the excellent Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Matt Murdock down. Fortunately, it seems that Netflix and Marvel may have picked up on that for the first official trailer.

(Warning: trailer contains some NSFW language. No, it doesn’t come from any of the four main characters.)

“Come As You Are” makes for a pretty good soundtrack choice, to be honest. The show’s official Twitter has had plenty of snark to show for itself. All four of the individual series have emphasized that their heroes are by no means perfect. Of course, the song also mentions people coming “as a known enemy.” That shot of Elektra in her sarcophagus basically fits that line to a T, doesn’t it?

It’s also nice to see Stick back to remind all the heroes that they need to pull themselves together. Of course, he says it slightly more explicitly, but if he didn’t, would he still be Stick? The answer is probably no.

But we’ve danced around the meetings for long enough. The trailer pairs off Matt and Jessica, with him working as her lawyer, and meanwhile Luke and Danny meet in an alleyway in which Danny realizes that his martial arts are a little less effective against Luke’s bulletproof nature … and his strength, too. Right now, it’s not quite clear how they come together to make a foursome, but Misty Knight (who talks to Jessica) and Claire Temple (who’s with Luke in the trailer) probably have something to do with it.

We also get to hear Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra talk for the first time about connections and how they make it easier to destroy someone, which is pretty standard villain talk. Hopefully she’ll step it up in the actual series.

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Finally, anything which involves Jessica Jones casually insulting Matt Murdock only for him to insult her right back is something we need in our lives.

The Defenders arrives on August 18.