Pokemon x Its’Demo makeup and accessories bring perfect spring cuteness


Bask in the flowery goodness of springtime with the latest line of makeup and accessories from Its’Demo, featuring cute Pokemon friends.

Have you not yet had enough Pokemon springtime goodness? Fear not, because this week, Its’Demo and JapanStuffs have come to the rescue with what is perhaps the cutest line of makeup and items I have ever seen:

As shown in the tweet, the collection is officially out on May 16 and is available from JapanStuffs, since you can’t get merchandise from Its’Demo directly unless you can pay in yen. The collection includes a multi-palette, foundation, lotions, makeup pouches, water bottles and, of all things, some flat pouches that come with exactly three, individually-wrapped marshmallows inside. I’m not sure how I feel about obtaining marshmallows in such a strange fashion, but I have to admit there’s something innocent and perfect about a supposed makeup pouch containing three individual marshmallows.

I’m not 100% certain of the quality of the makeup itself, though Its’Demo enjoys some serious popularity overseas. Mainly I wish I could get a better read on the colors and scents of items available, rather than just being sold on how cute the packaging is. Nevertheless, I have my heart set on the water bottles just for the art. I wish we could just get posters, or even plushes of the cute Pokemon styles emblazoned on these items! The best one by far is the Pikachu on the foundation case, the one that’s smelling the flower. Why is it that every place other than the Pokemon Center has the official folks one-upped on producing the cutest Pokemon merchandise in the world?

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If makeup isn’t your jam, JapanStuffs is a great place to browse if you’re after interesting Pokemon-related items that you can’t get from the Pokemon Center or other online outlets that sell and ship directly to the US.