David Thewlis is Rumored to be Playing Ares in Wonder Woman


The villain Ares in Wonder Woman has been a hot topic of conversation with the film but now it is rumored that David Thewlis will be playing the Greek god.

In a new Wonder Woman clip, David Thewlis makes an appearance and now many outlets like Collider are reporting that he is, in fact, Ares. For those who don’t know the lore, Ares is the Greek god of war. Within the realm of Wonder Woman, he is her greatest villain and is said to make an appearance in the movie.

For those who don’t know the story, Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) is an Amazon goddess who comes to the world of man from Themyscira when Steve Trevor crash lands on her planet. From there, she helps him win World War I and hates the war-ridden world that the world of man is. So see why Ares would be a great villain? Because he’s the god of war?

And really? David as Ares would be great. He is an incredible actor and has proven himself time and time again with his work. From Remus Lupin to his role in The Theory of Everything, he has shown us how amazing he is. So this role is going to be a great one for David to take on so we hope that the rumors are true. Honestly, who else would we love as Ares?

Excited? Well so are we! Wonder Woman is promising to be the superhero movie we all wanted and needed! Now we just have to wait for the movie to actually come out to see if the rumors are true!

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Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2. While the promotion for it may be scarce, get ready for this one. It’s definitely going to be an incredible movie and one we’ve all been waiting a long time to see.