40 binge-worthy TV shows: Watch them all right now because who needs sleep

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Weeds – Showtime Anytime

Light years ahead of its time, Weeds is one of those shows that is equal parts absurdist and completely fascinating. Although it seemingly takes place in world we might recognize, it goes a long way to satirize and examine a bizarro version of it.

The show is about Nancy Botwin, a suburban, widowed mother of two, who is forced to sell marijuana to support her and her family. It’s a dark comedy that covers the American economic system, drug politics, and the struggles of a mother trying to keep her family afloat.

Nancy is really good at selling the drugs, mostly, but she finds herself in hot water over and over again. She nevertheless figures it out, but she puts herself and her loved ones in constant danger as her venture grows bigger than she can manage.

Think Breaking Bad if it was a half hour comedy and the lead character was far less sinister and easier to like. The show started out as Nancy’s story, but as the seasons move on, it becomes of an ensemble cast, with a collection of zany characters that float in and out of her life.

Starring: Mary Louise-Parker, Hunter Parrish, Kevin Nealon, and Elizabeth Perkins