Harry Potter and the Lack of Diversity in the Film Franchise


J.K Rowling always said that Harry Potter and subsequent characters could be whatever ethnicity we deemed fit so why is everyone white in the movies?

While the Harry Potter series now is a little more diverse, we can’t forget the entirely white Hogwarts that existed in the original movies. While there were a few students of color, the school itself had a total of 5 black students, 1 asian student, and the Parvarti twins.

That’s it. Which is outrageous. And Rowling covered it by saying that Hermione could be whatever ethnicity they seemed fit for the play but that doesn’t change the fact that originally, most the cast was white. And Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is pretty much the same thing. There are two characters of color in the film and that’s about it.

So will this problem ever change with the series? Hopefully. People have commented on it enough that maybe they’ll see fit to change some of this in the upcoming movies. But as each new casting announcement comes out, a little bit of that hope fades away.

All we really want is accurate representation in our Harry Potter movies. They’ve done so much for us all as kids, it’d be nice if there was more diversity in the series that wasn’t just Rowling saying it could happen if the casting directors wanted.

So hey, casting directors? Maybe look at actors of color for some parts next time. We’d like to see a little more diversity in the Harry Potter series.

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So kudos for the casting department for changing it up a bit with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child but even the Fantastic Beasts casting was pretty white. Hopefully they’ll do better as the series continues!