Orange is the New Black Hacker Leaked Season 5 of the Show


The news has been around the hacker of Netflix who threatened to release Orange is the New Black has apparently followed through on their threat.

In a world of instant gratification, we as fans of Orange is the New Black want new season after new season. And Netflix does a pretty terrible job with giving us new seasons quickly. But one hacker took it upon themselves to fix this.

News had been going around that a hacker was threatening Netflix if they didn’t give them money. They were going to release the highly anticipated fifth season of the prison drama a month early unless Netflix paid them off.

Well, apparently Netflix didn’t take it too seriously. But this hacker did. So according to Variety, the hacker released the first 10 episodes of the fifth season for download on Piratebay. You won’t find the link here because we’re not about that. We can wait a month.

But maybe this will give a message to Netflix. With a lot of their shows, there is a whole year wait (sometimes even more) for another season. For instance, November will mark 2 years since season 1 of Jessica Jones came out, and we’re still waiting for season 2.

But the hacker didn’t do this because they really loved Orange is the New Black. At least, not to our knowledge. Instead, they wanted money from Netflix. With so many hacks and people saying they have things that they don’t, Netflix probably didn’t take the threat too seriously.

Unfortunately for them, this hacker was as serious as they come and so, if you want, you can download the fifth season. My suggestion? Just wait.

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Support Orange is the New Black on Netflix June 9 and wait until it airs there to watch it. This lovely show deserves that much.