Roles We’d Love to see Daniel Radcliffe Take On Next in His Career


Daniel Radcliffe has always been our Harry Potter but what are some other roles of his we’d like to see him portray in the future?

After the Harry Potter series wrapped, Daniel Radcliffe started to do some strange films. Not to say they’re not good, it’s just a  couple of weird career choices after weird career choices. From The Woman in Black to his cameo in Trainwreck, a lot of us fans are questioning: what is Daniel Radcliffe doing?

Again, he’s made some great movies. Swiss Army Man is one of those but then there is also Now You See Me 2 and a whole slew of films that has us questioning what is going on. So we want to know here at Wizards, what is Daniel Radcliffe going to do next?

Personally I would love to see him to some more movie like Trainwreck. Maybe this time as a leading role? I know he’s tried to do that with that What If movie where he and Kylo Ren were best friends.

But that movie was just a weirdly funny role for Daniel and we only saw a little bit of it. So something that outrageous could be fun! But we’ll never really know what Daniel is interested in doing until we see his next films released!

Or maybe we just all wait a little while and Daniel can reprise his role as Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child where we get the best sassy Harry Potter to ever live. Or he could also just come to Broadway again and do another musical! That’d be lovely.

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So what kind of movie do you want Daniel to do next? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!