Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers Talk About the Tax Plan


Neither Stephen Colbert nor Seth Meyers could avoid the release of the tax reform plan on their shows last night, but they had more to talk about, too.

As the week continues, attention has turned to the current administration’s attempts to reform the tax code. Yesterday, the White House released a one-page plan. Naturally, Late Night with Seth Meyers and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert both covered the story, with Meyers taking a bit less time than Colbert.

But let’s start with the longer, more freewheeling of the two; as per usual, Colbert doesn’t stay on one thing. Note that there is one incident of a censored word (and gesture) in the below video.

The AP anecdote about the Resolute Desk button summoning a White House butler with a Coke comes from this larger piece about the first 100 days. However, the AP does not confirm Colbert’s Photoshop job of New Jersey governor Chris Christie in a butler’s uniform.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief update on Representative Jason Chaffetz. He will apparently be flying home to Utah today, according to Politico, because he needs surgery on his foot. It seems he will only return in May. Incidentally, the New York Times, as of this morning, has published a follow-up story on Michael Flynn, saying that the Defense Department has opened an investigation. Colbert cites yesterday’s story.

Although Meyers didn’t spend quite as much time, he did have something to say on the tax plan … and Christie made an appearance here, too!

(The trade with Canada issue has to do with lumber. No, really.)

The Verge’s take on the national monuments executive order notes that it means that more than 20 years’ worth of designations will be looked at again.

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Which of the two did you prefer in this round: Meyers or Colbert?