Things to Not Forget: Harry Potter was a Child the Entire Time


Sometimes we love our favorite characters and forgive things about them because we love them but we can’t forget that Harry Potter was a child.

So when it comes to the character of Harry Potter, we all forget that he was literally 11 years old when we met him. Recently, I was under some fire for saying that Severus Snape should not have been honored by Harry.

I stand by that statement, he shouldn’t have. But I think part of the problem is that people saw the ‘good’ deeds that Snape did as proving that he was a good guy. No, they were what he should have done in those instances since Harry, a child, was in danger.

When we look at the Harry Potter series from an outside perspective, many of us focus on our favorite characters and their storylines and forget how they truly relate to Harry. First of all, one of the main points against me was that Snape saved Harry from his broomstick when Professor Quirrell bewitches it to try and kill Harry.

Okay well he was an eleven year old boy who Snape had previously verbally assaulted in class but okay, fine. I just think it’s a weird situation. We praise our favorite characters and forgive them for things and completely forget that the main character we are following hasn’t even hit puberty yet.

For instance, Dumbledore leaving Harry to try and figure out everything on his own in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was insane. Want to know why? Harry was 15. Now imagine being 15 and trying to fight off an evil dark wizard. Terrifying right?

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All I’m saying is remember that our favorite characters have major faults. And while I may not like Snape, that doesn’t discredit you. But it also doesn’t mean I’m wrong either.