Han Solo’s Standalone Movie Remains a Mystery


Although the Han Solo movie will be in theaters just over a year from now, fans know little and less — and no one is being particularly forthcoming.

Come December, when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters, there will be just over five months between its release and that of the Han Solo movie, in late May, 2018. The movie started shooting earlier this year, but, here we are, not knowing much beyond who plays Han Solo.

Emilia Clarke, speaking to the Los Angeles Daily News (and via our sister site, Winter is Coming), at least reconfirmed that tidbit of information:

"“I genuinely can’t tell you anything other than Alden [Ehrenreich] is magnificent, and it’s a delight to do something on that level with really cool actors and nice people. But it’s even scarier talking about that than Game of Thrones.”"

By the way, we don’t know her character’s name in the movie, either. At this point, yours truly has just started referring to her as Space Daenerys, and that name will probably stick even when she does get a real name.

A Rose by Any Other Name

Considering the recent concerns about Han Solo’s very name, which Kathleen Kennedy had to clear up at Star Wars Celebration earlier this month, this lack of information is either seriously disturbing (unlike fans’ faith, to complete the reference) or only furthering more speculation on what we might see. Granted, fans just had the first look at The Last Jedi footage at the Celebration, too. Secrecy has become the name of the game for Star Wars.

But this isn’t Rogue One, where it’s about a new cast of characters whom we don’t have attachments to yet. With the older Han now dead in canon, this movie represents another chance to have everyone’s favorite scoundrel on screen again, even if Harrison Ford won’t play him. In other words, this movie is almost as serious as The Last Jedi itself.

Besides, when will we even have a trailer? Ahead of The Last Jedi in theaters?

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Well, that would probably have fans blown away even before “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” appears on screen, so that might very well happen.