Spoiler: Dementors are Coming to the Fantastic Beasts Series


We’re potentially going to get dementors coming to the Fantastic Beasts series and we should all be very afraid. Really, they are terrifying.

Dementors are the evil guards of the wizard prison known as Azkaban. But Harry Potter fans know them well. These soul sucking creators terrorized Harry and his friends and, in one universe (or at least in what could have happened had Harry and Hermione not used the Time Turner), they killed Sirius Black.

But the dementors are the reason we all know what a patronus is and know what our own is. You use the charm “expecto patronum” to ward off these creatures. So when someone asked J.K Rowling on Twitter if she could release information on Newt’s patronus, the author had this to say:

Well lucky for us all, we’re intelligent beings (partially thanks to Rowling and her work). So we figured out what that means pretty quickly. It means that the dementors are coming back for Newt and his friends and we’re going to see him use the patronus charm.

Exciting right? Now that means he’ll either be at Azkaban or somewhere near the prison or maybe he has one of these creatures in his suitcase. Whatever it may be, our lovely Newt is going to come face to face with these bad guys and we’re excited about it.

But now the question is: what is Newt’s patronus? Many said the obvious choice (a newt) but it would be fun to have him be an otter or some other random creature. Mainly because he is just so awkward and lovable.

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What do you think about this news? Do you think Newt takes a trip to Azkaban or does he have a dementor in his cast of fantastic beasts? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!