Parks and Recreation: Who Would be in What Hogwarts House and Why


With Parks and Recreation, we know that the characters love Harry Potter. Leslie Knope said so herself, so what houses would everyone be in?

Parks and Recreation is a little darling of a show that deserves more love in this world. And we know that Leslie Knope loves the Harry Potter series, she’s talked about in on the show! She even called the Chamber of Commerce the Chamber of Secrets and none of us batted an eye.

So what house would each of our favorites be in? We’re going to take a look and figure that out for ourselves.

Leslie Knope

Hands down a Gryffindor. There’s not question about it. She is brave and determined and there is literally no better representation of a Gryffindor on this show than Leslie Knope.

Ben Wyatt

A Ravenclaw through and through, Ben uses his intelligence as his guide and kind of hides behind it. He is far from a Gryffindor and he’s definitely not a Slytherin. So out of a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw, we have to give him to those lovely boys and girls in blue.

Ann Perkins

Ann is a little more confusing. She’s about three different houses rolled up into one but I’d say she’s also a Ravenclaw. She’s smart and she doesn’t let her determination and bravery overrule her (like Leslie does).

April Ludgate

Honestly a Slytherin. There isn’t a question about it. She is weird and secretive and April has probably murdered someone in her past. And if she did murder someone, we’d probably all believe it with no questions asked.

Andy Dwyer

A true Hufflepuff. Just a loyal puppy who does whatever those he loves need. Andy is really one of the best characters on the show and he is definitely the only Hufflepuff (other than maybe Chris Traeger but we’ll get to him).

Tom Haverford

He’d be a squib and he’d cry “no” about it but still work in the wizarding world. That’s just who Tom is. Sorry, Tom.

Ron Swanson

Gryffindor. Ron wouldn’t want us to explain why any further.

Donna Meagle

Donna is a Slytherin and probably has all the memorabilia in her home and no one expects her to be as into the Harry Potter series as she is.

Chris Traeger

Chris, sweet Chris, is definitely a squib. He would be a Hufflepuff if he had magical abilities but he’s a squib and he goes through therapy for it and he’s okay with not having magic capabilities. Or at least that’s what he tells himself.

Mark Brendanawicz

Mark is a muggle and that’s it. No one likes Mark, goodbye.

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Think you have a better sorting? Sound off in the comments below who you would put in what house! Or if we left anyone out, let us know what house you think they’d be in!