Why Severus Snape Should Not Have Been Honored by Harry Potter


Severus Snape was honored by the boy who lived by naming his son Albus Severus and here is why that is a completely idiotic name for the child.

Let’s start off by saying that I’ve never liked Severus Snape and I really didn’t like him when his reasoning for hating Harry Potter was because he always had the hots for Harry’s dead mom. So the idea that Harry named his child Albus Severus truly baffles me.

Why? Because Albus Dumbledore abandoned Harry when he needed him most and Severus Snape tortured the boy. Why not just name him Dudley if you’re going based on those criteria? And we shouldn’t excuse Severus of all his wrong doings just because he couldn’t look at Harry without thinking of Lily.

Even J.K Rowling has talked, at length, about how we should not forgive him. And come on! He’s a terrible man! He tortured a child because the woman he loved didn’t love him back. What kind of role model is that?!

But still, there are fans who idolize him and seem to forget that he is literally the worst. He made Harry’s life terrible all because he is lonely. Remember those teachers in school you hated because they made your life miserable for no reason other than their own misery?

Well that’s Snape. You’re idolizing that teacher you hate. And there are so many other people who Harry could have named Albus after! But no, he named his second son Albus Severus. I guess it’s great we at least got James Sirius first. But Sirius shouldn’t have been reduced to just a middle name.

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So the kid should have been named Sirius Arthur Potter and you can try and fight me but this is always going to be my opinion. Sirius deserved more, that’s all I’m saying.