Stephen Colbert vs. Seth Meyers on the First 100 Days


Although Seth Meyers broke out his Closer Look segment, he and Stephen Colbert shared some material to start the week off in late-night political comedy.

By now, you may have heard or read parts of an AP interview with Donald Trump that came out recently. For both of the following videos, you may want to refer back to it. (Not to disparage either Seth Meyers and his Late Night staff or Stephen Colbert and The Late Show, but just because you may not believe that those quotes are real and unedited despite promises that they aren’t.)

As a presidential standard, NPR pegs the 100-day-mark primarily to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, though it does also explain that Napoleon had something to do with it as well. We have now almost reached the first 100 days of Trump in office.

But we’ll let Stephen Colbert take it from here. (Warning: some language that may not be safe for work is below.)

Technically, the word unintelligible appears 17 times in the AP’s transcription of the interview, but the first time comes before the transcript. Ergo, yes, 16 times is an accurate count. Anyway, Colbert, as has become his standard, didn’t hold back with either his Trump impression or his jokes, especially when it came to ratings.

(Here’s the Washington Post article both he and Meyers cite, by the way. The title? “‘Everyone tunes in’: Inside Trump’s obsession with TV.”)

As for Meyers, he pulled out comparisons to eight-year-olds and used-car salesmen. (Warning: there’s one bleeped-out word.)

For what it’s worth, the New York Times article he uses to illustrate a point about filling the government dates back to March, but CNBC reported yesterday that things really haven’t changed in the month-and-a-half since.

As for the government shutdown, new reports from outlets like Bloomberg indicate that Trump may not let business stop over money for the border wall.

Next: John Oliver on Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

But perhaps, even on Saturday, we may have another of Meyers’ Closer Looks to watch about that topic.