Politics and Harry Potter: Can You Flip Comparisons?


If you mention politics to anyone nowadays, people get angry but there are many comparisons of modern political figures to Harry Potter characters.

Politics now seems to be a very bad word to say. At least in fandoms (and really in every other aspect of life as well). So when we look at that filthy word and the Harry Potter series, it is clear that there is a whole backlog of fans with very outspoken ideas about which political figure is Voldemort.

For instance, and I’m one of these people, I always saw Trump as Voldemort. In fact, I thought that was easy. But then someone asked me if I ever tried to flip it to see who would get angrier, I found myself mad that that suggestion would even be put forward.

The idea that Hillary Clinton was Voldemort fueled an anger in me in a way that I never thought possible. But by that person simply suggesting that I flip the comparison, I realized why everyone is mad when you bring politics into something we all love.

Yes, politics most definitely play a part in the Harry Potter series. But that doesn’t mean we have to connect them. Harry Potter can be separate. Yes, it’s an easy comparison. To us, an evil person fighting the person no one thought could win out defines this last election cycle. But maybe we should all just leave Harry Potter out of it.

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Basically the point is: we can compare our favorite politicians ourselves. But maybe not everyone is going to view them the same way. So my Voldemort may not be yours and so on and so forth. It’s a weird concept and you probably have strong feelings about it but maybe we should all just step back and look at everything.